About the Cards

InnerMagic’s Do, Feel and Say Cards

Playing Inner Magic, a Children’s Self Esteem GameWhenever players land on red, green and blue stars – on their way to one of the Lands, they must pick up the relevant card (i.e. Do, Feel or Say). Each card has three questions, of which a player must choose to answer only one.


REMEMBER : accept all answers – without judging, criticizing or analyzing what the child player has said !


The answering of card questions, in a nonjudgmental, accepting atmosphere, is a very important part of the game play, which builds emotional intelligence as players soon learn that in all situations they have a choice over what they can do or say and figure out how they feel.


The game has 450 life skills questions packed into the three sets of Do, Feel and Say cards.


The cards have been expertly designed to develop a child’s critical thinking, problem solving and decision making ability, fostering self expression and open communication as you play!


Cards have age appropriate markings on the top left corner (i.e. cards for 5 – 13 year olds: cards more appropriate for 8 – 13 year olds; and cards appropriate for 11 – 13 year olds).


Adult players may even wish to go through all the cards ahead of game play and select cards with certain questions which may be relevant to the child player.  Caution : remember it’s about having fun. If you only choose cards that are ‘difficult/issue specific’ children tend to notice and won’t be as enthusiastic to keep playing.


Card issues covered include :

  • 15% of the questions relate to technology and cybersafety
  • sibling and family issues
  • friends
  • bullying
  • school related challenges
  • fantasy / wishes
  • fears and handling challenging situations
  • health, illness and disability
  • loss and/or death of loved ones;
  • environmental and conservation issues
  • body changes and appearance (11 – 13 year old cards)