About the Rings

About the Rings

innermagic-instructions-inside-1Remember: The aim of the game  is to win one magic ring by doing something in each of the 6 Lands before going back to MagicLand (whoever returns to MagicLand with all 6 magic rings (1 from each land) is the WINNER).



How do players win magical rings?

As soon as throw the dice and move along the coloured star paths, each path ends in a Land.  When a player gets into a Land, see the Instruction flyer for that Land and choose 1 of the 3 activities to do in order to win a magical ring.


What if one player has already won a magical ring?

Even if a player has won a ring within any of the Lands, the other players still have all three choices of activities to choose from and complete in order to win their magical ring for that Land (e.g. if one player has already won the Explore ring in BodyLand, the next player who enters BodyLand may still choose the Explore activity to win their red ring).


What can I do if I loose a ring/s?

Not a problem – contact info@raisingkidspositively.com and order as many additional rings as you need. Rings and postage fee will be charged.

You may also get creative and make your own magical rings!