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Parent Magic – the book

This book will transform your parenting and change the way you interact with your children forever.

Written by professional children’s wellbeing expert, psychologist Carol  Surya, Parent Magic is not just another parenting guide – it’s a life changing experience!

ParentMagic book

Get  :

 – simple ways to get closer to your kids

– discipline recipes that really work

– to really enjoy your children

– understand why they are behaving the way they do

– practical ways to consciously build your child’s self-esteem

– easy-to-use examples (with ‘better way’ suggestions)

– user-friendly format that helps you remember and apply the information

–  self-reflective questions about how you were parented (that change EVERYTHING!)

Let Parent Magic take you from a place of nagging, frustration and overwhelm to balanced, confident and kind parenting !

Watch mother of two Adri explain how Parent Magic transformed her life

and many others…



“I am a retired remedial school teacher with children and grandchildren of my own. This piece of work on conscious parenting is an extraordinary testament to  true parenting with heart!
This is a must read for all parents who wish to raise happy loving strong children…Thank You Carol for this honest and deeply insightful manual…truly the first of its kind!!! Would have been grateful for it in my earlier years as a mom and teacher!”

Robyn Rayne

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ParentMagic is an awakening for any parent with a child considered ‘difficult’. Until I read this book I did not realize the problem was never my beautiful child, it was and is me. The book shows you this in a caring and gentle manner. It showed me that my child is my mirror. Its the gentle wise friend you wish you could have with you 24/7. This book just like the bible, in my opinion, needs to be read everyday.

Claire Trebilcock

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