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Carol presents training workshops and talks all over the world.  Her audiences love her passion and inspirational ways of bringing across information.  Her easy-to-understand, engaging and uniquely creative style allows participants to relax and enjoy their learning experience.

Discipline Made Easy : digital program

longing to discipline without constantly nagging,

being overwhelmed or ending up feeling guilty?

wanting to be calm, yet end up shouting ?

In this self paced 5 session program I teach parents how every one of your discipline dilemmas can easily be solved by applying ONE EASY formula.

Don’t waste another second getting frustrated with your kids – trying to figure out what to say and do to get the co-operation you deserve (no matter how old your kids are)!

Let me teach you :

the winning discipline formula – essential for today’s kids

4 easy steps (to apply this formula daily)

easy-to-use word for word discipline ‘recipes’ that work every time

how to ensure that your children feel heard, listen to you and actually want to co-operate

how to discipline in ways that actually builds their self esteem

how to improve your connection with your kids

You really deserve a calm, happy, co-operative household – without constant discipline dramas. I’m here to see that you get it.

See Kayleigh has to say about the 6 week program

Children’s group programs at Greenwood Bay College & Raphaeli Waldorf schools Plettenberg Bay 

Magical Me Feelings School Emotional Intelligence groups :

teaches children healthy ways to deal with emotions

instills positive life skills (e.g. honesty; respect; kindness)

strengthens and encourages good communication

improves relationships (amongst peers, with educators, siblings and parents)

increases children’s self-confidence

improves overall wellbeing, inspiring long lasting positive behaviour in children

supports parents in raising kids positively (2 free talks & 3 supportive seminars)

Schedule regular “play time” in your diary, the same way as you'd book a meeting or coffee date with a friend.All groups are holistic (whole child approach) using a range of self awareness activities and proven methods.

These Emotional Intelligence groups (Magical Me)  are offered to the primary school learners over 8 sessions throughout the course of term 3, with limited number of  members per group.  Parents get to be involved via Free Introductory zoom parent session, as well as three Positive Parenting  recordings (specific to each of the themes) .

“For a child to realize their potential, they need inspiration, tools and support”.

Once parents understand the positive psychology framework and tools that are being used in their children’s groups, it becomes fun and easy to discipline differently and help boost their children’s self-esteem.

Other workshop topics

Have a look at our Raising Kids Positively presentation and workshop list.Download a list & summary of workshops

What others say

“Thanks Carol.  It is inspiring to see how you had a vision and believed in it and created such an amazing game and tool that will touch so many children, families and facilitators” (Ilka, psychologist, Cape Town)

“The game is a massive asset for working therapeutically with children – which can be adapted for residential child and youth care settings.  The facilitator was excellent – interactive and highly engaging and the tools provided for feeling release and excess energy can be accessible for all those working in and around the life space of children” (H. Nash, social worker, Port Elizabeth)

“Thank you for bringing us this amazing tool! We can start using the game tomorrow in our shelter where the children have experienced so pain in their lives.  Now I feel confident that I can really help – and in a fun way!” (social worker, Queenstown)

“I learned how to be more in touch with my inner child, how to “handle” my child better and some good tools for working as a child peadi. Learning about democratic parenting.Loved it – would definitly recommend this course to others.” (medical practitioner, Durban)

“The game is a very important tool to deal with feelings especially with young children” (psychologist, Durban)

“ I found this course wonderful and practical! Thank you.  I would be able to use it with traumatized foster children as well as other children – even some adults!  I believe it will help me to work more non – directive  and improve my counselling skills.  Thank you Carol!”  – Christa Rossouw, East London

“The InnerMagic game is a more holistic tool than other games, as it addresses a lot of aspects. It will be very useful”. (educator specialist, Bloemfontein)

“Very developmentally relevant. Non-threatening therapeutic technique. Good interactive learning experience. Fun and informative. I like the flexibility of the game.  It’s child-centered and allows the child to direct the process – which equates to empowering children. Presenter has solid knowledge of theoretical material – it was an excellent and enjoyable workshop” (Candice Gouws, psychologist, Port Elizabeth)

“I really found this to be an amazing tool to use with kids to voice themselves and to connect with themselves” (NACCW child and youth care worker,Izinphido, Cape Town)

“Looking forward to using this tool – it will DEFINITELY be helpful in my therapy practice.  I also enjoyed the practical parental guidance tips.  Your passion, creativity and deep respect for child therapy shines through.” (psychologist, Cape Town)

“Thank you very much for all the effort you’ve put into developing this game.  I am excited to start using it in my practice.  The book is GREAT – thank you!  I’ve discovered new tools to use with traumatized children.  Your passion is tangible and contagious” (psychologist, Cape Town)

“Innermagic is a fun tool that will definitely not sit in a box. (D. Kriel, Counselling Psychologist, East London)”This is a fantastic new tool. The group interaction was dynamic and super. Amazing tool and interactive workshop.” (psychologist, Durban)

“A dynamic, fun, professional, inspiring presenter. A  game that has been on the wish list of therapists and parents for a long time and that has come out in a most amazing way” (psychologist, Cape Town)

“I feel that if this tool was introduced as early as we became a democratic country – it is welcomed but late, if it could be used in schools – pre-schools and most developmental stages, the world would have long been a better place! It’s an easy detached process. I strongly believe that this will unlock the ability of most who will be touched by it, to create a well deserved world.” (AfrikaTikkun facilitator, Jhb)