Video : disciplining with heart

Posted By Carol Surya on May 19, 2017 | 0 comments

Video : Disciplining with heart : a balance of compassion and firmness

Watch Carol discuss how to discipline with heart – what it is and how to do it. An approach that combines compassion and firmness in equal measure, so that children get to feel heard and respected, while at the same time learn from the consequences of their choices.

Instead of constantly nagging and feeling frustrated, when we discipline with heart something magical happens. With less effort, we achieve more! It’s an approach that relates to your child’s (as well as your own) feelings, while speaking clearly and firmly about what’s expected at the same time.

How we discipline affects what our kids learn about controlling feelings, handling arguments and difficult situations. So it’s really worthwhile to take a moment to calm down first and to think about what we’d like to them to learn when we discipline them. For example, if Jo keeps leaving his shoes on the floor, our discipline comment could teach (remind) him that “shoes aren’t for the floor, shoes are for wearing or keeping in the cupboard”. If we’re harsh, threatening and overly demanding, getting their co-operation is less likely.