Video : Tips for building your self-esteem as a parent

Posted By Carol Surya on Sep 15, 2017 | 0 comments

Video : Tips for building your own self-esteem as a parent

Watch this short video to discover the importance of building your own self-esteem as a parent, so that your child’s self-esteem can blossom.


Tips for building your own self-esteem

  • recognize your achievements – tell your kids what you’re good at (e.g. “Hey guys, I cooked a great supper tonight”) and keep finding ways to recognize what you are doing well
  • avoid criticizing yourself – try to speak positively about yourself (e.g. “Exercise is good for me, even when I’m lazy, so here I go!”)
  • practice regular self-care – take care of your health, set aside some time each week for fun things that you really enjoy (e.g. read a book, learn a new skill, go for a walk or have a relaxing bath)
  • spend time with friends – who are positive and support you, rather than those that drain your energy and are constantly critical or negative
  • replace guilt feelings and perfectionism with ‘good enough’ – whenever we feel guilty that we’re not performing well it takes it’s toll on our self-esteem. Learn to tell yourself that you are “good enough” (especially when you’re feeling guilty for taking time for much needed self care)