In this free Q&A I'm going to show you how every one of your discipline dilemmas can easily be solved by applying ONE EASY formula.

Don’t waste another second reading more parenting blogs, trying to figure out what to say and do to get the co-operation you deserve (no matter how old your kids are)!. Let me teach you :

  • the winning discipline formula - essential for today's kids
  • 4 easy steps (to apply this formula daily)
  • how to ensure that your children feel heard, listen to you and actually want to co-operate


Discipline without constantly nagging, being overwhelmed or ending up feeling guilty.

Join this FREE Discipline Made Easy one hour Q&A & start your journey of becoming a guilt-free, calm & confident parent.

Join me on: October 29th, 2021
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You really deserve a calm, happy, co-operative household - without constant discipline dramas. I'm here to see that you get it.

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    During the last few years, of my 26 year career a psychologist, I've discovered a winning formula to help todays parents change from nagging, overwhelm and guilt to calm, co-operative and confident disciplining.
    The more you apply my easy formula, the calmer you AND your kids become.