ZAparents review of InnerMagic game

Posted By Carol Surya on Aug 25, 2017 | 0 comments

ZAparents review of InnerMagic game

Reviewed by Christine Young, mom to 2 gorgeous, growing boys and the principal of  Rainbow Babies & Kids Nursery School in Bryanston.

“This fantasy game based on magic lands touches each of the developmental pillars – Language, Gross Motor, Cognitive and Emotional. A great tool for any parent or teacher to help develop happy, confident kids that are not afraid to express themselves.

  • Broadens emotional vocabulary of children
  • Stimulates conversations of feelings through well executed cue cards
  • Develops positive self esteem through drama
  • Builds on life skills by encouraging conversations around coping e.g. bullying, sibling issues
  • Demonstrates relaxation techniques
  • Spiritual growth in self reflection

I found it totally amazing that the 4 and 5 year olds were completely engaged after 45 minutes of playing and wanted to continue playing when I suggested it was time to move onto another activity.

Schedule regular “play time” in your diary, the same way as you'd book a meeting or coffee date with a friend.

One very special moment was when a child drew a challenge to recite a poem and was too shy. His friends asked if they could say it with him so that he could earn the token for completing the challenge.”

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