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InnerMagic children’s self-esteem game

inner-magic-game-4418Consciously creating happy, expressive and confident kids.

The game that gets everyone moving, thinking and speaking.

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What are others saying?

“A great tool for any parent or teacher to help develop happy, confident kids that are not afraid to express themselves” Click here to read more of mother and principal Christine Youngs review on @ZAparents

“InnerMagic children’s self- esteem game is a fantastic way to be creating happiness, encouraging your children to express their feelings and over all tackling their confidence. I found that the game provided such a great insight into my children’s inner thoughts.” Click here for more of Julie Hide’s review on @ParentingHub

  • “I think this game is real.” (8 year old Nathan)
  • “I love this game – this game is so cool.” (6 year old Gemma)
  • “You know mom, InnerMagic changed my life.” (10 year old Jenna)
  • “I shared a lot of myself, which my daughter loved! Getting to know them better! We had lots fun.” (Ilse, mother)
  • “Very helpful in uncovering a child’s unhealthy beliefs.” (Penny, mother and therapist)
  • “The more I play it, the easier it becomes for us – I’ve even started using aspects of it as a memory test as we play. A very positive experience.” (Bo, remedial teacher)
  • “I’m amazed by the amount it reveals. The kids love it and often ask if we can play it again and again.” (Marlene, teacher)
  • “Children feel happy and free to talk. This is an educational game that really helps a child express his feelings.” (Dudu, social worker)

What is the InnerMagic game?

  • A 7 piece interactive puzzle-board game
  • Played between 2 to 4 players (or in teams of up to 8)
  • Ideal for ages 5 to 13 year olds (and a parent, relative or therapist)
  • A way to remind children of the “magic” (potential) inside each of us
  • A self-esteem builder for all players
  • A series of developmental activities and emotional intelligence questions
  • A healthy outlet for self reflection, critical thinking and self expression
  • A fun way to learn about feelings, problem solve and develop life skills
  • Creates meaningful ‘play time’
  • Brings families closer

What are the benefits?

  • Improves confidence
  • Teaches kids about feelings
  • Gets everyone moving, thinking and speaking
  • Helps kids overcome challenges
  • Boosts communication skills and brings everyone closer
  • Strengthens all areas of development
  • Encourages self reflection, sharing and healthy values
  • Builds important life skills
  • Fosters critical thinking, decision-making and reasoning
  • Enhances independence
  • Facilitates meaningful family time and connection
  • Enhances self-expression

Why does it work so well?

  • Professionally designed, researched and patented by a psychologist over a period of several years
  • Children don’t often share their feelings and thoughts easily
  • A game that teaches emotional intelligence and critical thinking makes learning fun
  • It’s filled with choices – and when a child has a choice, he feels important
  • Plenty of opportunities for self-expression encourage children to talk more easily during (and after) playing it
  • When a child feels important and can express themselves, their self-esteem soars
  • With regular play children learn to manage their feelings better, think more about their actions and make healthy choices
  • It’s unique design helps children and adults open up more and respect each other – because players all play as ‘equals’
  • Because there is no judgment about player’s answers – shy and resistant children find it easy to express themselves more readily
  • By including developmental activities (tasks to win rings in each Land), children get to move about and prove their own potential to themselves
  • Proven successful over many years of development, research and in South Africa and globally

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